Plexiglass is more expensive than glass, and is susceptible to scratching, however it offers some tremendous advantages. Plexiglass will not break during shipping or an accidental fall. It is also much lighter weight than glass, which can be a factor in larger pieces. Most framers do not handle glass over 40” x 60” for safety reasons. Most high-end galleries use plexiglass exclusively because it eliminates the problem of breakage. When glass breaks, it typically scratches the artwork. Plexiglass is also available in non-glare, and with additional UV filtering. It should be noted that standard plexiglass filters 50% to 60% of UV rays.

Museum Glass

Museum glass filters out 97% of UV rays, but also it eliminates much of the reflection. It is even clearer than regular glass. This truly amazing glass is worth the higher price for the right piece of art.

Non-glare Glass

This is an etched glass which takes away much of the glare. It is only suitable in situations where the glass will be close to the art. It would not be suitable for shadow box framing, as the glass loses clarity as the distance from the art increases.